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Are you considering a move to a new financial planner? How about working with one for the first time?

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As specialist in business ownership, individual and family wealth management each wealth strategy plan presents a unique set of puzzle pieces. We work with you to turn and connect them in such a way it results in the most effective and efficient money management system designed for you.

Our mission is to: “Educate, Encourage and Engage you where you are at in your financial journey. In order to instill Confidence, Courage and Conviction in attaining your specific financial goals.” We cherish this responsibility, understanding how personal and even sometimes private your individual financial puzzle is to you.

Baker Wealth Strategies is located in Houston, TX with clients hailing from around the country. When you are ready to experience the Baker Wealth Strategies difference, we invite you to self-select the complementary initial consultation (Schedule an Appointment: Lower Left of the Screen) that best fits you.

Business Services

Business owners and entrepreneurs are presented with a unique set of financial circumstances. You face tax planning, financial growth & risk, business succession, retirement and estate planning issues. We specialize in the personal care it takes to protect and grow your wealth.

Individual Services

You are unique and your wealth strategy needs to reflect it. From special needs children and grand children to blended family situations; from single persons to traditional families our holistic (financial, retirement, estate planning) approach prepares you for tomorrow, through retirement and beyond.

Meet Our Team

Our mission and focus is to provide you with actionable expertise and guidance. We start by engaging you where you are at, listening to your goals and dreams, developing a plan and staying with you throughout the journey. We do this by using our financial and legal expertise as well as our relationship with leading industry specialists from around the country.


Elite Advisor Group

Your hard-earned money is at high risk for being lost to taxes and fees if your advisor doesn’t know to ask you the right questions, is not aware of changes to the turbulent tax code, and/or hasn’t been trained on high-level retirement planning strategies. — Ed Slott

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