What Makes Your Finances Different?

Added Responsibility

Business Operations

Regardless of industry, business owners face a set of entwined financial responsibilities.

Financial factors in business operations include overhead, transportation, inventory, marketing, production, administration, employees, etc.

Every business manages the impact of these elements differently.


Business owners are not exempt from the responsibilities of providing for their families.

Intertwined with the business is the need to provide for personal cost of living, planning for children’s education, and developing a retirement plan for yourself.


Business owners are responsible for developing voluntary benefits to employees. You know your company has a lot to offer employees. Your benefit package is a big part of your offer and your culture, affecting everything from job performance to wellness and quality of life. Competitive compensation, retirement benefit packages and health insurance are a few retention strategies worth considering.

Our Financial Guidance

for Small Business Owners

Our team is here to help identify deficiencies, develop & implement a plan, monitor, and navigate various financial complexities together.  We strive to educate and empower growth to achieve both immediate and long-term business & personal goals.

#6 Ways To Improve Your Business’s Financial Performance

Baker Wealth Strategies

  • Financial Planning: Collaborate with you (and your CPA) to provide a comprehensive plan through a non-biased, fiduciary, approach that works for your business and for you personally.
  • Investment Management: Analyze your current investments and provide advice for your specific financial plans’ potential.
  • Tax Strategy: Provide recommendations for adding strategic tax planning for today and develop tax-free income strategies in retirement.
  • Employee-Employer Retirement Plans: Utilize our expertise with SEP IRA, SIMPLE, Solo 401k, Group 401k plans, and cash balance plans to create and implement the best plan to fit your needs.
  • Estate Planning:  Determine if, when, and how to factor your business into your estate plan.
  • Review & Monitoring:  Our team is with you every step of the way.

What We Do Differently

Strengthening Finances for Business Operations, Family, & Employees


Where most financial firms operate using a single advisor, BWS knows integrating finances and providing superior service requires a team approach.

You rarely meet with a single member of our trusted advisory team. As required, we work with you and your CPA to implement short- and long-term strategies benefiting business and personal finances.

Choose a form that best fits you situation. If you don't know just pick one and we will reach out to you.

Business Operations

CPAs & Financial Professionals build trusted relationships step-by-step

Businesses, regardless of the industry, have similarities.

While many financial firms focus on planning around these similarities, our planning branches outward to account for the differences between businesses and business owners.

At BWS, we listen to the financial “Why” of the business. Why do you want to own a business? Lifestyle, growth potential, goals. These answers drive financial decision-making.

From there, we learn about the “When” of the business. It’s vital to know how long you want to operate the business. Do you want to sell the business or pass it on to a family member, friend, or partner? A business owner’s “When” significantly impacts strategy development.

Only after understanding the “Why” and the “When” can we effectively implement the “How.” A strategic implementation may include the following:

  • Entity selection or diversification.
  • Catastrophic event planning.
  • Business pre-sale strategies.
  • Establishment of lifetime income.

This handful of options is just the tip of the iceberg regarding strategic wealth management for business owners.

As a business owner, our team comes to know you. You, your family, and your business are central throughout the process.


Retirement & Financial Planning for Generations

The families of business owners understand the sacrifices required to build a successful company; family support is often paramount and synonymous with success.

It’s no different for our Baker Wealth Strategies families.

Financial preparedness is directly tied to the business, whether planning for the kids’ education, a major purchase, or looking forward to retirement.

There are beneficial tax codes designed to support businesses and, with the proper application, provide effective family financial strategies not available to non-business owners.

The interwoven nature between business and personal finance can be intimidating, however effectively implemented techniques can produce lifelong income, stability, and opportunities for the whole family.


Benefits Packages

Regardless of the company’s number of workers, the cost of time and training that goes into good employees is critical to the business’s overall success.

When an employee actively contributes to the company’s revenue stream, retention of that employee increases in importance. Whether through their unique knowledge, work ethic, or collaborative spirit, ensuring their continued employment is essential.

Offering benefit packages is a long-term value-added expression of appreciation toward employees.

With options for all sizes of businesses, from a single proprietor to hundreds of employees, benefits packages lay the groundwork for personal and employee retirements while building a solid foundation for continuity and stability in a company’s workforce.

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